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Published DOF March 1, 2010 – effective date March 18, 2011



This Standard is under the oversight of the SSA = (Secretaría de Salud - Secretary of Health) Environmental Health 

LAW, REGULATION, OR NOM - what is the difference?  


NOM-120-SSA1-1994 was cancelled with the publication in the DOF on March 1, 2010 of “NOM-251-SSA1-2009, Hygiene practices for the processing of food products, beverages or food supplements,” which took effect on March 18, 2011 




NORMA Oficial Mexicana NOM-251-SSA1-2009, Prácticas de higiene para el proceso de alimentos, bebidas o suplementos alimenticios.

Official Mexican Standard NOM-251-SSA1-2009, Hygiene practices for the processing of food products, beverages or food supplements.




1.    Objetivo y campo de aplicación

1.  Objective and field of application

2.    Referencias

2.  References

3.    Definiciones

3.  Definitions

4.    Símbolos y abreviaturas

4. Symbols and abbreviations

5.    Disposiciones generales

5.  General Provisions

6.    Fábricas de alimentos, bebidas o suplementos alimenticios

6. Factories of food products, beverages or food supplements

7.    Establecimientos de servicios de alimentos o bebidas

7. Establishments of services of food products or beverages

8.    Expendios

8. Small stores

9.    Concordancia con normas internacionales

9. Concordance with international standards

10.  Bibliografía

10. Bibliography

11. Observancia de la norma

11. Observance of the standard

12. Vigencia

12. Validity


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