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The SCT - Secretary of Communications and Transportation is responsible for

Statistical and documentary information, transportation and communications legislation enforcement, Federal highways, oversight to the movement of hazardous materials and wastes

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Law, Regulation, or Standard (NOMs)


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Regulation for the Land Transport of Hazardous Materials and wastes.-- (Published in the Official Daily of the Federation on the 7th of April of 1993, Reformed Nov. 28, 2003, November 28, 2006 – last reform Nov. 20, 2012 – effective date Feb. 20, 2013)



TRAFFIC REGULATION ON FEDERAL HIGHWAYS published in the DOF June 10, 1975 – last reform August 8, 2000


Regulation on the Weight, Dimensions, and Capacity of Motor Transport Vehicles that transit on the Highways, and Bridges under Federal Jurisdiction.

NOM-002-SCT-2011, List of the hazardous substances and materials most usually transported.  Published in the DOF Jan. 27, 2012 – effective March 27, 2012


NOM-003-SCT-2008, Characteristics of the labels on containers and packaging, designated to the transport of hazardous substances, materials and wastes.
Published in the DOF on Aug. 15, 2008 – effective Oct. 15, 2008

Modification published Feb. 26, 2009


NOM-004-SCT-2008, Systems of identification of units designated for the transport of hazardous substances, materials and wastes.
 Modification published Feb. 26, 2009


NOM-005-SCT-2008, Emergency information for the transport of hazardous substances, materials, and wastes.
Published in the DOF on Aug. 14, 2008 – effective Oct. 14, 2008


NOM-005-SCT4-2006, Technical Specifications that lifebuoys must comply with. Published in the DOF June 15, 2006.


NOM-006-SCT4-2006, Technical Specifications that lifejackets must comply with. Published in the Official Daily of the Federation June 16, 2006. 45.00

NOM-006-SCT2/2011, Basic aspects for the daily visual inspection of the unit designated for motor transport of hazardous materials and wastes. Published in the DOF Aug. 22, 2011 – effective date Oct. 22, 2011


NOM-010-SCT2/2003, Provisions for the compatibility and segregation, for the storage and transport of hazardous substances, materials, and wastes. $45.00

NOM-011-SCT2-1994, Conditions for the transport of hazardous substances, materials and wastes in limited quantities.  Published in the Official Daily of the Federation Sept. 25, 1995


NOM-011-SCT3-2001, That establishes the specifications for technical aeronautical publications.   Published in the DOF on December 3, 2001


NOM-012-SCT-2-2008, On the maximum weight and dimensions with which the motor transport vehicles that transit in the general routes of communication under Federal jurisdiction.   Published in the Official Daily of the Federation April 1, 2008 – Reform published April 30, 2012 to the second transitional article - modification published October 30, 2012 extending the second transitional article for 6 months. 95.00

NOM-012-SCT4-2007, Guidelines for the preparation of the Contingency Plan for Vessels that Transport Hazardous Goods. Published in the DOF September 25, 2007 35.00

NOM-020-SCT4-1995, Frequency of drydock inspections for naval vessels and artifacts.  Published in the DOF May 14, 1999


NOM-025-SCT4-1995, Detection, identification, prevention and firefighting systems for vessels that transport hydrocarbons, chemicals and petrochemicals of high risk. Published in the DOF December 21, 1998 35.00

NOM-034-SCT4-2009, minimum safety, communication and navigation equipment for national vessels, up to 15 meters in length. Published in the DOF February 24, 2009 35.00

NOM-036-SCT4-2007, Administration of the operational safety and prevention of the contamination from vessels and floating platforms. Published in the DOF August 17, 2007 65.00

NOM-038-SCT4-2009, Technical specifications that crane baskets for embarking and disembarking, utilized for moving personnel and their equipment or tools between a vessel, a dock and a floating platform (that lacks a propulsion system) must comply with.
Published in the DOF April 15, 2009 – effective on June 15, 2009

NOM-040-SCT3-2001, That establishes the contents of the Dispatch Manual for Air Transport Companies in Service to the Public, as well as for companies that render dispatch service or dispatch and flight control. 45.00

NOM-043-SCT2/1994 Shipping document for hazardous substances, materials, and wastes. $24.95

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LAW OF CIVIL AVIATION Updated 2008 895.00


LAW OF AIRPORTS   REFORMS PUBLISHED JAN. 16, and Jan 21, 2009 895.00




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