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REGULATION on the Public Communications on Labor issues based on TPP and USMCA


Published in the DOF on April 7, 2023

(SEE:  related STPS legislation)


REGLAMENTO sobre las Comunicaciones Públicas a que se refieren los Artículos 19.9 del Capítulo Laboral del Tratado Integral y Progresista de Asociación Transpacífico (TIPAT) y el Artículo 23.11 del Capítulo Laboral del Tratado entre los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, los Estados Unidos de América y Canadá (T-MEC).

REGULATION on the Public Communications referred to in Article 19.9 of the Labor Chapter of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TIPAT) and Article 23.11 of the Labor Chapter of the Agreement between the United Mexican States, the United States of America and Canada (T -MEC).

(Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement known as TPP or in Mexico as TIPAT)

(The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement USMCA or known in Mexico as T-MEC)



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