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 The MEXICANLAWS AUDIT PROTOCOL is an up to date protocol of all HSE obligations. With this protocol which we will help you personalize for your company is based on the Federal Labor Law, the FEDERAL REGULATION FOR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT, and the Health and Safety Standards that are applicable to your operation.

The Protocol is in an EXCEL format and is completely bilingual, Spanish and English. Your English speaking personnel and your Spanish speaking personnel can all read the same results and work on the same page.

Step 1, you provide some basic information that helps ascertain which obligations are part of your program.


Step 2. Each element, law, regulation or standard has its Statement with a detailed explanation of the requirements.  A color is selected for the level of compliance:

   Incomplete compliance
   Not complian

Step 3. Based on level of compliance color that you select, a graph is generated that shows your level of compliance and the findings.

4. Based on the results, Preventive and Corrective actions are prepared with a timetable for their compliance.

Contact Lic. Glenn Louis McBride for a free on site demo of our audit protocol.

Lic. Glenn Louis McBride
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