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ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE - 3 to 5 day on site audits - We review your documentation, permits, procedures, and programs. We evaluate your compliance. Find your non-compliance issues before the STPS finds them.

Take advantage of the opportunity that an audit of your ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE Program can present for training. You can participate in your audit and we will train you at the same time.

We will personalize an audit or a combination Health, Safety and Environmental Audit based on your activities, products, and materials. You can participate and we will train your audit team for follow-up and verification audits.

We have developed a detailed audit protocol based on the protocols used by the Government and our complete library of translated Laws, Regulations and NOMs. We can perform a thorough and detailed audit, more complete than an inspection by the Mexican authorities.

To discuss your needs, please contact:

Lic. Glenn Louis McBride 
Mexican Attorney 

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-  All documents are delivered by email and are in a PDF 2 column Spanish/English format.
-  If you pay with a credit card, you will receive your document shortly after authorization.
-  ALL prices are in PESOS with the approximate amount in USD - the amount depends on the exchange rate used by your bank.