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September 24, 2018

AMLO – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador takes office on December 1, 2018 but the new MORENA Congress has taken office and is busy legislating some of the campaign promises AMLO made during the campaign.

The General Law of Compensation for Public Servants (LA LEY GENERAL DE REMUNERACIONES DE LOS SERVIDORES PÚBLICOS) was approved. On Sept. 13, 2018 This law was approved as a project for a Presidential Decree. AMLO will issue a decree in December at which time this law will take effect. It will eliminate pensions for ex-presidents and also decrees that no public servant can receive more compensation than the President. AMLO has already said he will cut the Presidential salary in half. This means a pay cut for Congress and all public servants.

AMLO has also promised to lower the IVA to 8% (from 16%) in the border zone. There still is some debate on the area that comprises the border zone. There have been proposals for 100 km from the border to 25 kms from the border. Previously, the whole state of Baja California was included in the border zone. AMLO has also promised to lower the income tax to 20% and to match gasoline prices along the border with the US side.

AMLO has also stated he will double the minimum wage, now at 88.36 to 176.72 or $1237.04 as the weekly minimum. This is the base rate, not the take home rate after bonuses. What this will mean for the remaining 59 minimum wages by profession, no one can say but they will changed and published sometime in December by the National Commission of Minimum wages and will take effect on January 1, 2019.

With the lowering of the IVA and income tax and the raising of wages, most workers should see a rise in their acquisitive power in 2019.



Those of you involved in Health and Safety in your company are probably aware that the new GHS Standard – NOM-018-STPS-takes effect in October 2018. Companies have had 3 years to prepare for this major change. This means your labeling, packaging, and SDS must be compliant with the new Standard when it takes effect.
There are also 5 additional Standards that most likely will be published as definitive in November before the new President takes office. The same thing happened just before Peña Nieto took office. We have translated these projects and will be ready to keep you informed when they are published.

The new standards to be issued are:

NOM-004-STPS-2018, Protective systems and safety devices on machinery and equipment that are used in the workplace.
NOM-005-STPS-2017, Handling of hazardous chemical substances or their mixtures in the workplace – Conditions and health and safety procedures.
NOM-014-1-STPS-2017, Diving, health and safety conditions. Occupational exposure to pressures different from absolute atmosphere.
NOM-006-STPS-2017, Storage and handling of materials through the use of machinery – Occupational Safety conditions.
NOM-017-STPS-2017, Personal protective equipment – Selection, use and handling in the workplace.
NOM-036-1-STPS-2017, Occupational ergonomic risk factors – identification, analysis, prevention and control. Part 1 – Manual loading.
NOM-035-STPS-2017, Occupational psychosocial risk factors – Identification, analysis and prevention.



Request a copy of the Spanish version of these standards.

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